Go Beyond Commonplaces and Try A Genuine Italian Experience

Italy has 54 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, more than any other country on the World Heritage List, 6 of which are in Sicily and 2 in Sardinia. Part of a wide cultural heritage refers not only to history and art, but also to food and traditions.

  • Enjoy a private concert in St. Peter’s
  • Savor a private dinner inside the Vatican Museum
  • Explore the secrets of scents with an expert perfumer in Florence, the capital of perfumes since the time of Caterina de’ Medici.
  • Experience an extraordinary wine tour: Prosecco, the Venetian sparkling experience guided by a professional sommelier combining excellent wine, noble villas and beautiful nature.
  • Tour Milan on board an old-timer tram enjoying an aperitif
  • Experience driving a Vintage Fiat 500, Vespa, Ferrari or Lamborghini
  • Visit the Lamborghini car factory and have an exclusive dinner inside the Ferrari Museum
  • Go on a truffle hunt with an expert hunter and his trained dogs. Learn about the different types of precious truffles and how to cook them.
  • Explore the underground city in Naples, a whole system of tunnels which proved to be very precious for citizens during World War II.
  • Tour and even stay in a Palaeolithic settlement, Sassi di Matera, the only one in the world with continuous human occupation through several millennia until the present day. The village is a complex of buildings built inside caves, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Matera is Capital of Culture 2019.


Providing expert advice and support in Italy, Sicily, Sardinia and the Mediterranean area for luxury individual and group programs, specialized tours, and top class events. We specialize in creating and developing custom experiences and activities for our distinguished guests.

  • FIT luxury experiences
  • Custom tours & activities
  • Ad hoc designed activities
  • Entertainment
  • Experiential training
  • Venue sourcing
  • Secretariat & housing
  • Hospitality & program staff
  • Planning/management of events
  • Destination management services (Fully licensed DMC)


Paola Casentini

Co-Owner/Managing Director
Roma, Italy

Past President/MPI Italia Chapter

Paola and Margherita

Motivation M.I.C.E. SRL consists of two business partners, Paola and Margherita whom are consultants with advanced knowledge equipped with different skills for event organization and experiential activities.

In 1987, Motivation focused on motivational events in Rome. Since then, thanks to a constantly increasing experience managing high level events for a demanding clientele, their focus has expanded to creating exceptional experiences for the luxury high-end traveler along with special interest cultural travel.

From developing valuable relationships over time, they have become internationally recognized as experienced and reliable partners in Italy and abroad. Today their core business includes luxury and special interest programs and events, along with corporate, educational and experiential events.

Motivation M.I.C.E. is also the founding partner of “Meet in Action” which is an alliance of professionals specializing in every aspect of the meeting industry.


Margherita Ruggiero

Co-Owner/Marketing Director
Roma, Italy

Past President/SITE Italy Chapter



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