More Than Meets The Eye

England is rich with wonderful and unique destinations. Get lost in quaint little towns or be entranced with nearby haunted villages. Explore the ruins of Penrith Castle, the historic Beacon Hill and two ancient henge sites located south of town called Mayburgh Henge and King Arthur’s Round Table. View the most notable landmark and classic example of English Gothic architecture of the Lincoln Cathedral; which was the tallest building in the world for a reported 238 years! Live the fairy tales of Robin Hood at Nottinghamshire. It is ripe with locals from the story including the Sherwood Forest. Find the Walk of Fame in Sheffield, which honors famous city residents both past and present as well as several theaters, museums and greenspaces. Be enamored by Chester, this walled city close to the Wales border that sits on the River Dee. With its historic charm, it is know as being one of the best preserved walled cities in Britain and features several medieval sites and many restored Victorian buildings. So much more to England than meets the eye!

Collaboration, Partnership and Teamwork

the three key values that you will find within every member of the Principal. London DMC team, from the junior executives, to the founding partners of the business. With these three components in mind, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the exceptional, building bespoke programmes and acting as an extension of your team.

Why Choose Us As Your UK DMC Partner?

Principal. London DMC offers you 25 years of experience. We are a creative, solutions lead DMC for not only London, but throughout the UK, including England, Wales and Scotland. We started out as a team of three in 1994, with our Directors Anupa and Takis driving the growth of the business, pushing our company forwards, not taking no for an answer as a new agency in the UK market! Over the years, our experience and our offering has strengthened and diversified, consistently keeping our clients at the heart of what we do as we ensure we deliver the unforgettable at every step of the way. Our Directors remain hands on to this day, instilling passion and drive within every employee, who’s desire is to inspire you with what can be achieved in our wonderful little island.

We don’t believe in offering the standard, so every proposal we send will be bespoke, tailormade to fit your event objectives, with your requirements in mind. We don’t believe in suggesting what we don’t know we can deliver in a seamless and efficient way.


Lidia Sakarapani

Head of Sales & Marketing

London Office

Lidia Sakarapani

Lidia is a Crazy Australian as well as an Events, SoMe & marketing geek. She is Multilingual (fluent in Spanish, Chinese Mandarin & English). and the best kept secret is, she’s a published Photographer & qualified professional Chef. She lived & worked in China for 8 yrs before moving to London. Her best Celeb moments in China is that she had met John Malkovich, Keanu Reeves, Jackie Chan, Cindy Crawford & Jet Li.



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