Picturesque Cars And Beautiful Colonial Architecture

For those who enjoy architecture, Cuba offers a unique opportunity to discover a blast from the past. Havana is an architecturally diverse city and safe to say, a photographer’s paradise. Its buildings clearly mirror its rich past and somehow tell an interesting story, always worth hearing it. Have your camera ready as you are exploring because picturesque cars from the 1950’s can still be found on the road today as you are strolling by and admiring the beautiful colonial architecture on just about every corner.

As well as the awe inspiring architects, Cuba is a country with a privileged coastline of 3,570 miles (5,746 km). The paradisiacal beaches washed by the Caribbean Sea in the South and the Atlantic Ocean, and its huge coral reef in the North, make Cuba a paradise that is considered among the 25 most popular and important beach destinations in the world.

Cuba has the most important natural habitats in the Caribbean because of its biodiversity, number of endemic species, and a culture of conservation. Cuba shelters 4% of the world’s terrestrial species, including 6,700 different plants, 14,000 invertebrate and 650 vertebrate’s species. Cuba is also known for its rare varieties of orchids scattered across its lush tropical forests, as well as for its prehistoric cactus in the arid southeast, estuaries bordered by mangroves, and one of the most extensive coral reef systems.

Throughout history the Cuban rum has been recognized worldwide for its superb quality. The long tradition of natural aging in oak casks, sugar cane of prime quality, and the Caribbean climate greatly contribute to the unique flavor of the popular Cuban rum. This unique combination results in a rum with an intense and unique flavor.

Cuba is located very close to the Tropic of Cancer which favors an average temperature of 77 °F (25 °C) and 79% relative humidity. Rainfall mainly benefits the western region, where the greatest tobacco plantations are located. In addition, the rich and fertile soil greatly contributes to the success of the Cuban cigar.


Matchless Option for Groups, Conventions, & Special Events

We specialize in full destination and marketing management services for incentives, conventions, and special events on 31+ destinations in 5 Latin American countries specializing in Mexico, Cuba and Dominican Republic. Our company stands out for its dual specialization as a point of contact for assisting Meeting Planners in learning about the destination and its attractions, as well as in providing full planning and local logistic services for the M&E industry. This approach has already positioned us as the matchless option for handling groups, conventions, and special events throughout our first-class destinations in Latin America.

Industry acknowledgements:

ISO 9001:2015 is far more than a number. This Quality model was implemented in the year 2000 and allows every one of our associates to identify the interaction between the core and support processes within our Company – from conception to completion.

 IVI DMC was the first DMC in Latin America awarded with the designation of Accredited Destination Management Company (ADMC) through ADMEI (Association of Destination Management Executives International).



Alejandro Debasa, CMS

Regional Managing Director

Phone: +52 (998) 287-1700

Alejandro Debasa, CMS

Alejandro Debasa was born in Havana, Cuba on October 23, 1970. He spent 5 years studying his elementary school in London, England. He later returned to his homeland where he finished his higher education in electronic engineering. Since his father was an important official of the board of tourism in Cuba, he was always in contact with the tourism industry. This early exposure to tourism eventually caused him to follow in the footsteps of his father, thus recognizing his true passion and vocation: The hospitality industry. His secular education also comprises degrees in hospitality, marketing, and tourism.

For 10 years he worked for Cubanacán, a major travel agency in Cuba. His work experience has also included working for foreign tourism companies. Currently he serves as Regional Managing Director of IVI DMC² Cuba, a position from which he is able to promote the ever growing tourism on the island, an industry that provides significant resources to the Cuban economy.

Alejandro considers himself a responsible and communicative person. He is focused on his goals, is proactive and confident, geared to perfection, promotes teamwork, and is community-oriented. He enjoys sharing every success in life along with his family and seizes every opportunity to spend time with them. He also loves spending time with his friends and of course, with his inseparable dog. He loves his country and is proud to be Cuban.

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