Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Ross Errilly Friary, Galway


Taj Mahal, City of Agra


London, England


Romantic, Wild & Traditional


Dunrobin Castle in Sutherland, Scotland


Serengeti, Northern Tanzania


Dominican Republic

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We are a full-service DMC representation company showcasing

“Places with Personality”!

We provide you the gateway to some of the world’s most intriguing and exciting emerging destinations. Our team develops the most creative and unique programs that truly showcase the exotic and inspirational experiences offered by our selected Destination Management Companies (DMCs).


It starts with understanding our customer needs.

With years of industry experience, we deliver the high-touch services you need in unique and inspiring destinations.


Here is what our customers have been saying.

Jane is Hyper Connected

Jane Scaletta is a hyper-connected, highly respected Business Events professional whose work spans the full MICE spectrum. She knows how to market a destination, how to operate a complex incentive travel program and how to stage a large city-wide convention. She has built her reputation around reliability, creativity, relationship-building, networking and, generally, being a truly decent, highly ethical Business Events professional. Her connections across the MICE industry are deep and wide so she’ll open doors in places where they usually remain firmly shut. If you need someone to help you tell a compelling story to buyers of business events services, then get Jane on your team and watch your business scale and grow.

Padraic Gilligan

Details Matter

Jane is detailed oriented, organized and a pleasure to work for. Due to her vast experience in accommodating clients all over the world, she knows exactly how to provide the best experience they could ever ask for.

Julia Theriault/Jools Graphics

VERY Client Focused

I had the pleasure of working with Jane and found her to be an incredible person that values the individuals she works with. I’m really glad to see she has started her own business because she is VERY client focused.

John “Freddy” Frederick/Epic Divers

Jane Worked Far Beyond The Call Of Duty

Jane Scaletta, DMCP, CIS isn’t only a terrific and precise leader but also an inspiring person. Powerful, skilled and accountable President – that’s her! Jane Scaletta, possesses a winning combination of destination management knowledge and business sense, I learned a great deal from her. Jane worked far beyond the call of duty. She is very thorough in everything she does and can be depended upon to get the job done. When you get to connect with her, you’ll find an incredible person with exceptional skills! I’ve constantly felt Jane Scaletta, DMCP, CIS was one of the very best leaders I have ever had the privilege of working with.

Danielle Rothenberg

Top-Notch Business Woman

Jane is a top-notch business woman who is on top of her business and is completely customer-centric. She runs her business and her staff with a gentle touch, almost ‘family-like’, though she never loses control over the situation.

Michael Maes/Masterpiece Production

She Truly Understands Marketing

Jane is an awesome client of ours on BestofCayman.com! She truly understands marketing and she is very creative and professional.

Carrie Layne/Best Buzz

Totally Amazing

My experience of Jane is that she is super diligent, experienced and her customer care skills are extremely professional. She is totally amazing!

Alex Arriaga

Enthusiastic, Reliable, Connected and Hugely Knowledgeable in her Field

I have had the pleasure of working with Jane through SITE (the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence) for many years now, most recently through the Association’s focus on sustainability in the incentive travel industry. Jane is a wonderful person to work with – enthusiastic, reliable, connected and hugely knowledgable in her field. When Jane is a part of the team you know that the project will be invested in and successful, I very much enjoy working with her and would recommend Jane highly.

Aoife Delaney

Fully Understands the Destination Marketing and Incentive Travel Industries

I have worked with Jane Scaletta on a number of projects for over a decade and we have both been on the SITE Florida & Caribbean Board of Directors for multiple years. In fact, we are both past presidents of the Chapter. Without exception, Jane has always been fully engaged, taken leadership roles, vigorously pursued opportunities and overcame challenges. She is dedicated to success while personable and persuasive at the same time. Additionally, she fully understands the destination marketing and incentive travel industries and has a great reputation in both.

Francis Purvey

Dolfin Destitnations

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